We Must Remember But Also Move On

Date Submitted: 09/02/2002
Author Info: Susan (Willcox, AZ - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I remember that horrible morning when I had just returned home from taking my son to school. My mom was still home from work they had the TV on and called me in to see what had happened.

My mom said a second plane has just hit the World Trade Center. I couldn’t really picture it until I looked at the TV. Ah..it just killed me inside to see the frantic looks on those looking up upon the buildings aflame.

I held my baby and was so thankful that we were alive, but sad to know that many would soon perish of those who had not already.

I spent nearly the whole day in front of the TV watching all of it. I kept calling my mom to keep her updated on things happening. I choke as I kept her updated on the so high numbered deaths that were to be expected.
When the Twin Towers collaped my heart fell with it. I could hardly watch but fought it as the tears fell as fast as the building did. All I could think is I hope most of the men, woman, and children made it out before this. But as I watched more I found that many were still trapped, mostly perished.

I took some TV time out to clear my head and went on line. I found a website and purchased a Twin Towers poster, what they had left that is. I wanted to do this because I want to remember them they way that had stood and not the way the fell. I look at the picture every morning in its frame as I exit my bedroom and say a little prayer for not only the lost ones, but there survivors. I am so glad to have gotten this picture because I could not have been able to display the aflamed one.

My heart to this day goes out to all the lost lives and their surviers. I wish them all the best to come and to stay focused. There is alot of terrible people in the world we live but we must move on and conquer them.
Always remember, but always be able to move on.

Always in my prayers…Susan


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