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Date Submitted: 09/07/2006
Author Info: Deo (Atlanta, GA - USA) 
Occupation: Accounting/Finance
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On September 11th, 2001 I was a recent college graduate, twenty-two years old, in a foreign city “on my own” for the first time ever. My recollection of 9/11 is vivid-I even recall what I wore, and ate that day- and I was in Michigan at the time. I graduated from college in June of 2001, and I had been working at my first “real” job for less than a month. I was in our office, I had on a tan linen skirt suit and flat brown sandals. My hair was braided, and I was in a light mood. When the first plane hit, co-workers were up and about talking about it. Some people went to the CNN website. Everyone thought it was just a bizarre accident. Someone placed a small black and white television in the middle of the office, on a table. I was extremely interested and concerned when the first plane hit because my paternal family is from New York City, and my parents had just moved to northern New Jersey at the time. One of my cousins worked on Wall Street, and I had no idea where Wall Street was in proximity to the World Trade Center. By pure happenstance, I was standing in front of that small black and white television when the second plane hit. There were about eight or so of us there, including the office manager. Everyone shrieked when it hit. The image was fuzzy on the tv- but after that we all knew it was no accident. I ran back to my desk and immediately started calling my family- I called my parents in New Jersey, my grandfather in Queens, my Aunt and Uncle in Harlem. I called and called but kept getting a message saying “all circuits are busy” After about fifteen minutes,. I went back to the black and white television; by then, most of the office (close to 100 people) were either at the television, or had congregated in someone’s cublicle, watching it on the internet. I recall standing in front of that television watching them replay the clip of the first, then the second plane strike the building over and over and over. My only concern was my cousin Danya. I cursed myself for not knowing where Wall Street was, and prayed she was not affected. I hoped my grandfather (who has since passed but was then in his 80’s) was okay.

They released us from work early, and I went to the home of a family friend, and ate- glad to get a home cooked meal. I had absolutely no idea of the gravity of the situation or what was to come. In reminscing on that day, I do not know if I am more angered by that day, or what was to follow. I did not loose anyone close to me- or even anyone I knew- in 9/11. Yet I am left with the deepest sense of anger and resentment. Each time I take my shoes off at an airport, each time I see the personal story of a 9/11 widow. I feel a sense of moral OUTRAGE. Even in writing this I could cry right now…on September 11th, 2001 I was a recent college graduate, twenty two years old, in a foreign city, “on my own” for the first time ever. This is the world I was handed.


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