What’s happening!

Date Submitted: 08/28/2002
Author Info: Vincenzo (Curno (Bergamo), IT, Italy) 
Occupation: Computer Technician/Engineer
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in italy and it was 4 o’clock.I was at work when it happened. I was surfing on the Internet. I was on yahoo site to watch how was going Dow&nasdaq index. I saw -5%!!! and i said “what hell is happening today!”. Then I tried to translate the Market Overview section…..2 airplanes on the twin towers?!?!?! My God, i said, my english is not so good: I thought i was making a mistake translating the news! So I went on the italian yahoo site to read the italian news….and it was true….2 airplanes on the twin towers.

Then i turned on the radio and i spent all the day watching the news.

I had to go to NewYork on November with my friends for a trip, to see the city, to have fun………we didnt go.
Now we want to go there for the new year day……but the fear will be with us.



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