When Darkness Swept Thru The Land

Date Submitted: 05/24/2002
Author Info: Anne (New York, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Sales/Marketing/Advertising
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On Tuesdays I work late (1-10), so I was still sleeping. My mother called from work and told me the horrific news about the World Trade Center. Thinking I was having a wicked nightmare, it did not hit me untill my mother told me to call my fiance, Stephen, and find out about his mother. His mother works some days at the WTC, in Tower 2, and some on Long Island.

I could not get thru and began to panic. How could this happen? When I finally got thru, he had not heard from her and it was past 9:30. Her cell phone was not working, of course, but she finally got thru. She said she was o.k., and that the firemen told them to go back up, but she refused. In her job, they buddy you up with the handicapped employees, so she was not alone. She had her friend (whom she saved her life) and her boss. After we heard from her, Tower 2 collapsed and Stephen did not ask his mom if she was out of the tower yet when he talked to her, so we had no idea if she was ok. She was able to call again and tell us that she was taking a tugboat over to Queens(think it was Queens, not sure). When they got off, there was a limo driver waiting there and her boss begged him to take them all home and that he would pay any amount of money. The limo driver would not accept any money. She finally arrived home about a little after 5:00pm.

My friend goes to FIT and her father is a lawyer a block from the WTC, they survived also. My friend at work lost three cousins. My manager lost many firemen that she was friends with. My fiance’s mother has nightmares and high blood pressure, and askes God why He spared her and not the others. There is no answer only that we Thank God and should feel joyful, which we are, but very sad! All the words, all the points made, it does not help.

To hell with all the pretending what will happen, we need to take action and take back our nation! We need to have faith in our President or we have nothing and will continue to fail. I am very proud to be an American and also I am proud of the American people who stand behind our President. Please, my story might be insignificant to you, but we all have a story about that day. Let the pain and sorrow out and the faith, strength, and love in. For the men and woman fighting for our FREEDOM, Thank You! My brother is overseas, I miss him!


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