Where I was on 9/11/01

Date Submitted: 09/24/2015
Author Info: Michaella (Willard, Oh - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in “nutrition class” at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio when i heard about “a plane hitting The World Trade Center” if you noticed, i said “a” plane in the phrase above…after hearing this news, the campus cancelled all remaining classes for that day right then and there and we were all to go back to our apartments, dorms, ect…when i got back to my apartment around 8:59 a.m. that Tuesday morning, my telephone was ringing like crazy and i had 6 messages on my answering machine from my mother…i heard the phone ringing picked it up to hear my mother in shock and pausing to make sure it was really my voice she was hearing, she told me to turn on the news and as soon as the tv came into focus and still on the phone with my mother we bothed watched in complete and utter horror another plane flying right at the other World Trade Center building and exploding….it was like slow motion as i’m sure it was to everyone one else at that moment and i just remember scre
aming “OH MY GOD” dropping the phone and falling to my knees balling my eye’s out as to what i had just witnessed on live news!!!!!!

What is your strongest memory of that day?

the strongest memory i have of that tragic day, other than the god awful amount of lives lost, was the immediate response of myself and my roomate finding the nearest “Red Cross”, standing in line for 4 hours, and giving 2 pints of blood so it could be sent to victims of 9/11 ASAP!

How do you perceive that the events of September 11, 2001 have affected this country and/or you personally?

i’m not sure how to answer this bc i have really strong feelings about this….i dont wanna share my thoughts here just out of respect for any victim’s and their families and friends who might read this bc i have no clue how they feel bc i was not there and did not loose anyone in my life on 9/11/01!


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