Date Submitted: 09/13/2010
Author Info: marie (perris, ca - USA) 
Occupation: Unemployed/Between Jobs
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was working at a pharmaceutical company in san diego. I arrived at work early as usual. Around 6 am a co worker told me that a plane had flown into the trade center and i said oh my god! I was concerned, but thought, it must of been an accident. Tried to concentrate on work and then somebody turned the radio up and there was dead silence in this,10,000 sq foot, two story office building and they were talking about another plane hitting the other building. We were horrified. I told my boss that i was going home. I lived about 25 miles from work. I don’t think i’ve ever driven that fast in all my life, except when my son had a seizure while we were on phone. I felt so terrified, not knowing what or where something was going to happen next. When i got home i was glued to the tv for what seemed like a week. I kept watching it over and over again in horror. I thought of all the people that didn’t get out. I thought about the people on the planes. I thought about their loved ones left behind. I thought about the people that jumped. Even though it was 9 years ago, it feels like yesterday. Peace to all who lost their precious lives that day.


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