Young Confused and Scared

Date Submitted: 08/09/2010
Author Info: Alexis (Philadelphia - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was 8 years old and in 3rd grade. I remember a day or two before 9/11 our health class was learning about head lice, and i can remember being scared and grossed out at that. That was nothing compared to what would happen a day or two later. I was going to eat lunch with my friend from another class who I hadn’t seen much that year. I remember we had to quietly go outside to the cafeteria, and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought there was a tornado or something. I was a little worried but sat down at the lunch table with my friend. I don’t think I took two bites of my lunch when I saw my dad standing in the doorway along with some other parents. I was confused as my dad took me down to the kindergarten room to pick up my brother Timmy. In the car I asked my dad what was going on. I can remember exactly how he said it. “There’s these bad guys in New York who crashed a plane into a building”. I asked which building and he said something about the biggest one. I had never heard of the World Trade Center and I thought it was the Empire State Building. We got home and called my mom. She was at work crying but thankful we were home. My dad took my dog outside to go bathroom and I came with him taking with me a cheap kitty cat puppet I had gotten the day before at Dollar Tree. We came back inside and put the news on. After a while watching the news, my dad put on a movie for me and Timmy. I believe it was Air Bud. When my mom came home from work all we did was watch the news. We called my aunt who lives in New York. Thank God she was ok. We also called my friend who’s dad’s a pilot. Thank God he was ok too. The 9/11 attacks are all they talked about on the news for over a year. It is a day that we will never forget. God bless the victims and their families. And God bless everyone fighting for our country.


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